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The Stronghold of Deception
Guarding Against Pride During Times of Revival

by Dr. Eddie L. Hyatt, D.Min., M.Div., M.A.

It was during the praise and worship service just before I was to preach in a very lively "revival" church. Suddenly I heard the Holy Spirit say, The stronghold of deception is pride. I immediately knew that I was to address the fact that, during times of revival, pride often creeps in because of the power and blessing of God. Individuals get an inflated sense of their own importance because of God’s hand on their lives. This pride then becomes a stronghold for demonic deception.

By the time I finished my message that morning, a solemn quietness had settled over the congregation. It was such contrast to the festive atmosphere before I delivered my message. I shared with the pastor that I hoped I had not squelched the enthusiasm of his congregation. He replied, "Oh no, you were right on target." "In fact," he said, "I may be accused of bringing you in a hired gun today." He then shared how that very thing had been happening within his congregation.

God Resists the Proud.
Gordon Lindsay, one of the most prominent leaders of the divine healing revivals of the 1940s-50s, declared, "As one rises higher and higher in spiritual power and blessing . . ., he must ever seek to become lower and lower and lower and lower." This statement was born out of his observation of the tragic collapse of the lives and ministries of several men who had been powerfully used of God in prophetic and apostolic-type ministries. In each case, Satan’s door of entry into the person’s life seems to have been an inflated idea of his own importance. Instead of humbling themselves before God, they became enamored with their own success. And instead of moving on to greater displays of God’s glory and power, they were brought down because of their pride and arrogance. 1 Peter 5:5 says that God resists the proud, but gives grace to the humble.

William Branham
For several years, beginning in 1947, Lindsay managed the ministry of William Branham, the most prominent healing evangelist of the 1940s-50s. Branham was launched into an amazing ministry of signs and wonders after an angel appeared to him during a time of prayer and instructed him to take a gift of healing to the people of the world.

Thousands attended his crusades because of the prominence of signs and wonders. These giant crusades were organized by Lindsay who also emceed the meetings and taught in the morning sessions.

When the time came for Branham to preach in the evening services, Lindsay would introduce him in a low-key manner while at the same time acknowledging that God was using him in a remarkable way.

Branham’s Downfall
Once, when Lindsay was away, a brother B___ introduced Branham. His flowery introduction was filled with glowing accolades and he referred to Branham as a special end-time prophet of God. When Lindsay returned, Branham said, "Brother Lindsay, I would like for Brother B___ to introduce me from now on."

Branham then began to surround himself with individuals who fed his ego with ideas about being a special end-time prophet of God. Lindsay sought to warn him but his advice was not heeded and he later withdrew from involvement in Branham’s ministry.

This was the beginning of a sad departure from the simple humility in which Branham’s ministry had begun. He eventually came to believe that he was the fulfillment of the promise of God in Malachi 4:5 which says, I will send you Elijah the prophet before the coming of the great and dreadful day of the Lord. Branham believed that in the same way John the Baptist fulfilled this Scripture before the first coming of Christ (Mk. 9:11-12), that he was the fulfillment of the same Scripture before the second coming of Christ. He believed that he was, in reality, Elijah preparing the way for the coming of Christ. In spite of this bizarre self-concept, his ministry of signs and wonders continued. God is merciful!

Kenneth Hagin’s Prophecy
In 1963, Kenneth Hagin walked into Lindsay’s office and handed him a prophecy which he had written out. The prophecy stated that the leader of the deliverance revival had gotten off track and would shortly be removed from the scene. Lindsay read the prophecy aloud in the presence of his wife, Freda, and then locked it in his desk. Freda asked, "Who is he talking about?" With great somberness he replied, "He is talking about Branham. He has gotten off track and thinks that he is Elijah."

Two years later, Lindsay received a call from out-of-state asking him to come and pray for Branham who had been in a car accident and was in serious condition. Because of his previous experiences, Lindsay felt that he was to leave the situation completely in the hands of God and so he did not go. Branham died shortly thereafter and it was reported that his head was swollen to twice its normal size from the injuries of the impact.

Though sad and tragic, Branham’s experience is not unique in the annals of Church history. Again and again as God has visited His people in answer to their prayers, pride has crept in and the revival has been squelched.

Pride in the Pentecostal/Charismatic Camp
I recently scanned a localized periodical that appeals primarily to Pentecostals and Charismatics. I was stunned by the arrogance and pride in the ads that had been placed by churches and ministries. There were, not only Pentecostal prophets, apostles and bishops, there were also "covering apostles," "presiding apostles," "jurisdictional apostles," "arch-bishops," "prelates" (religious rulers) and even one individual designated as "her super eminence apostle . . ." I thought, "Can these individuals be followers of the One who 'made Himself of no reputation' and washed the feet of His own disciples, a task performed in that culture only by household servants and slaves?"

No wonder the world does not see Jesus. They cannot see Jesus for us. No wonder we are not seeing a national spiritual awakening! The first condition for such an awakening, according to 2 Chrn. 7:14, is for the people of God to "humble themselves." The Church in America, particularly the Pentecostal-Charismatic segment, seems to be doing the very opposite.

God Is Calling Us to a New & Different Posture
Just over one year ago, I sat in a "Revival Now" conference and experienced an overwhelming urge to bow down before the Lord. I struggled with this, for no one else was bowing down. In fact, people were going forward and standing as they waited to receive prayer. As this urge to bow myself before the Lord continued, I finally turned and knelt at my seat. As soon as my knees touched the floor, the Holy Spirit began speaking to me. He said, I am going to be doing some incredible things in the days ahead. When you see My power and My glory, this is to always be your posture. You are to bow down and acknowledge that I Am the sovereign Lord of this universe.

If we want to see an increase of the flow of God’s River in our midst, then we must remember that the River is not about us, it’s about Him. As we bow down and acknowledge Him, His power and truth will continue and increase until all the earth is filled with knowledge of the Lord.

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